Thursday, June 18, 2009

"I Ran" in Iran, it's like running for governor in California

It seems that Iran is all over the news, funny, since NoKo is too.... should I even circa the "Axis of Evil" time frame? I won't.

Well a few deets about Iran and it's elections:

Disclaimer: Iranian clerics and other important Iranian people choose the candidates that ran for president.

1) President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: the "hot" one. He is the current president and channels his inner Obama, using the slogan "yes we can". He denies the Holocaust and fights for Iranian's right for a nuclear enrichment program.

2) Mir Hossein Mousavi: President MA's main contender. He served as Prime Minister during the Iran- Iraq war in the 1980's. His (and his wife) desire to give women more rights has created a stir in the elections promting more young people to vote. His party is the reason for all the current uproar.

3) Mahdi Karroubi: a cleric & 72. Not that they matter, but just saying. McCain wasn't chosen for a reason.... He is also one of the few people to hate on President MA's denial of the H-caust. He wants to fix Iran's ecomony and give more rights to women. Snaps to him.

4) Mohsen Rezaei: Ambitious? He is the only conservative challenger for Pres MA (and "conservative" in International terms means few rights for women and to keep state and religion as one.) On an interesting note: he is the only candidate wanted by Interpol for bombing a Jewish center in Argentina. Talk about bad boy image.

So the best way to keep yourself updated with all of stuff going on in Iran is twitter. Iran can't seems to shut this down and since there has been a huge movement to have the twitter world change there locations to Iran, it's pretty much impossible for Iran to censor it. Snaps to tweeting!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No NoKo Nukes, say that rapidly five times....

I have to say that North Korea is really pushing some hot buttons here. One has to question if they are doing it for the attention or if they are really planning some sort of event? Obviously, I don't know much, but NoKo's consistent attention in the news for one thing or the other makes you think what are they doing over there? The UN Security Council needs to agree to do something about them. China needs to stop being so monetarily greedy and cut those suckers off. NoKo obtains 80% of its goods from China (i.e., gas, food, supplies). In a world where major states compete to obtain more power, this is China's golden opportunity to play the hero of the world since they do hold the power to make a difference.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clarissa Has Nothing on Me

So I’ve succumbed to the whole blogging hype. Here I am, ready to go. Here I am, to explain it all. It could be about local, national or international news. It may be about fashion or celebrity gossip. Stay tuned and find out, but welcome to my blog.