Monday, May 24, 2010

Limbo cool, limbo fine

So... Richmond won. I am now a resident of Richmond. Yup. Here I am. And, it's ok. I think it is exactly what I needed. It is enough "new" coupled with enough "old" and just enough of something that is all my own. I came to this revelation this past weekend after a mini trip to DC for a friend's baby shower. It wasn't until AFTER the shower and on my drive home that I recognized what a great thing this is. I am so grateful that I came to Richmond. Mostly because it is a set of "training wheels" for me in the series of moves I have planned for my life.

Well, the reason I am so thankful for this set of "training wheels" is mostly because I have a strong support group that is within driving distance. I recently found out this weekend that my main ex lied to me and wasn't loyal to a promise he made. Right now I am in the "angry" mode and know that I will get to the "heartbroken" mode, but s-word, I am so dang angry right now. Fortunately, I have decided that my self-respect and his lack of adulthood abilities do not compel me to cry because gosh darn him, he is NOT worth my tears. I'm sorry, but when you f-up 3 times and directly lie to me 3 times, you lose. And if I keep forgiving, then what will happen 10 years down the line? Dishonesty and disloyalty are not attributes I want to encourage. Not at all.

So, here I am in Richmond, making life anew with a new job, a new apartment and a newfound freedom. My singlehood is an unfamiliar accessory that I have not worn in a while, but I found it when I unpacked. So it may be old and dusty, but it is a lovely accessory.