Saturday, February 6, 2010


As I have previously mentioned- patience is not a strong virtue of mine. In fact, I am really bad at it, almost as bad as giving phone. One thing I really dislike is being forced to be patient. Right now I am in what I call "Life Limbo." I don't know where I will be 2 months from now and even more so, where I will be 5 months from now.

A little background- I am currently waiting on my assignment of where my new job-to-be will be. Originally, they wanted to place me in Richmond, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled at the chance to move to Armpit, VA. So, I explained my situation to Regina (we are becoming fast biffles) and told her that I understand I signed a mobility agreement and that I have no issues moving, I just don't want to move to another location in Virginia. So, she tells me, "babe (yes, she really calls me babe), I'm going to see what I can do and talk to my supervisor." This was two weeks ago.

Don't worry, I am playing it cool and only calling every other day or so, 10-15 times a day if she doesn't answer. I'm not a pathetic, needy girl waiting around for some boy. :::cough, cough:::: Anyways, here I am just waiting in Life Limbo. Anxiously awaiting my future that shall be handed to me by Gina from West Virginia. Yup... That's my life.