Saturday, July 17, 2010

Broken, but hopeful

I have to say that this project has been treating me pretty well. However, today has been a struggle. No particular reason, but damn it was rough all over. I struggled to find reasons in the beginning of the day to stay positive and mostly I missed my old job and boss and friends. Sometimes I miss having anyone to talk to in the office and just want to not be around anyone. I know it takes time, but the old thoughts creep back every once in a while. And the thing is, it has nothing to do with my outside life, my outside life i great, but I really miss my co-workers. I miss having young people who are my age with similar tastes and personalities. I also miss having people who are in the same bracket as me. I have reached my breaking point with it and cried. I haven't really cried about anything since moving here, but today I cried. I did it. I said "fuck this" and cried. And I feel like it is okay to cry and understand that not everything is okay. The only reason I feel that it is okay to cry is because I know that things WILL BE okay. But I want to bring us back to our regularly scheduled project...

9 Things I am Thankful For:

1) Late mornings
2) Helping people out
3) My favorite cupcakery's new show
4) Getting stuff done on my to-do list
5) Sonic's chili cheese tots
6) Fantastic conversation with good friends
7) Last minute get togethers
8) Beer
9) Wings

1 Cool Fact About Richmond: They have a Sonic

1 Thing I Really Like About Richmond: My friend Jason is moving here

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  1. A cry is always a good thing. You can just get your sad out, in honor of what is, and look with pleasant expectation at what's coming.