Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun news

I'm not going to lie. World news is kind of boring me. All we talk about is "Iran this, Iran that". For being a country that's on the "outs" with most of the world, they sure are making headlines here in the states. Basically, we are giving the naughty kid attention which just makes them want more. Bah! I think this quote exemplifies how I feel, "Obama's foreign policy might be summed up as 'speak timidly and don't carry a stick.(The Week, Vol. 9, Issue 433, Pg. 4)'"

So because I am really frustrated with the current news, I am going to give you some amusing news. It's not important, just fun. A man in England picked up a metal detector to go "treasure hunting" since he was jobless and has collected himself over 1,500 items. He states that when people see him they make fun of him. Too bad suckers, the lot is worth more than $1.6 million dollars and he will get half of it. Maybe I should go into treasure hunting.

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