Thursday, October 8, 2009

Faking virginity.

Issues like this really make me concerned about the Middle Eastern world. To believe that there is such a need for this that a company actually exists to produce it, is well, absurd. Don't get me wrong, I support this because I have had just enough friends who have been "disowned" by their fathers for doing things like dating a boy, unchaperoned visits with boys, etc., to know that a device like this can save lives.

The real issue at hand for me is the existence of such a double standard in the world. One of my dear friends always tells me, "you may act like a feminist, but deep down, you are too conservative" and this is true, until things like this. My dad always raised me to believe that I can do anything I want, regardless of gender. Then I hit the real world and discovered that while I might be a smart, well-educated female, a male contender will typically have an edge for being male. I hate double standards, I hate that I have to play the role of proper, young lady because it would tarnish my reputation, but a male can do anything he wants as long as he acts a proper way at a certain time. Nothing ever seems to tarnish their reputation. It's so frustrating!

And this double standard is no different. Men can have sex all they want before marriage, but God forbid a woman has sex before marriage; it will be the end of her life. So... snaps to the company for providing fake virginities to an all too real double standard & saving lives in the process.

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