Friday, October 2, 2009

Who of Miami?? There you went Steelers....

I must say, this weekend contained a huge amount of upsets in the football world, both college and NFL. Not that I am really into NFL, but I like to catch it every now and then. Regardless, this is all about the upsets of my fave teams/conferences.

First and foremost, I would like to say I believe in and I unconditionally love my Hokies. Even if we only win by the skin of our teeth to teams like Nebraska, we should be given a little more credit when taking on teams that matter, like Miami. ESPN and every other sports network claimed that it was not a matter of us losing, it was a matter of how much we were going to lose by. Well, in case they don't remember 2003, we were in the same situation and we killed Miami (31-7). Virignia Tech and the "U" (or the "Who?") have one of the longest rivalries is football. It is comparable to Red River Shootout (UT- Austin vs OU). The reason we have such a big rivalry is because of our history. This year marked the 19th time we have played each other. We each went into the game with 9 wins and 9 losses, with 391 points on both sides. Weird, huh? Well VT & Miami have also moved from conference to conference together and we were inagurated into the ACC the same year. So, we'll just say we are frenemies. My prediction for the next time we meet Miami, which will be the ACC Championships in Tampa on Dec 5, we will lose, probably 31-7, just because we are destined to maintain a love-hate relationship both with Tyrod and Miami. Destiny sucks.

So, just a little tid bit about the NFL upsets. 1) The Skins lost to the Lions, really??? Sick to my stomach, the Lions haven't won a game in 21 months. UGH. 2) Steelers lost, again. They lost in the last 2.5 minutes of the game. It was beautiful and awesome and then the Bengals went for 3 more. Snaps to them because they actually got it! YAY! It was crazy and awesome and actually made me kind of like the NFL.

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