Thursday, December 17, 2009


So... It's the holidays and I am mid-way through my month long spree of Love Actually and have fully induced myself on eating every stinking piece of candy that comes my way. Hello, 4 pounds, glad we are becoming fast friends! (Just kidding, kind of)

Well we had a holiday party that turned out to be a lot of fun. We introduced everyone to BBD (baby boobie dana), had some cake and lots of drinks. More importantly, 95% of my favorite people in the DC metro area merged together and made nice. I was very happy to have everyone meet each other and like each other. It was one of the many Christmas miracles of the season. (Others including: being approved for my new job (yay), my friend's boyfriend being reassigned stations (the East Coast instead of Alaska),  someone I do not like at my current job is leaving (yay again))

So... sorry for the big gaps in life. I will be back in January. I hope everyone has a blessed & lovely holiday! :)

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  1. Your party ruled. And I can only assume BBD was your magnificent rack? Because I was very pleased to meet it (them) (feel harrassed?).