Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Richmond Project.

As you may know, I moved. I moved to the Commonwealth's capital, Richmond. Well, Richmond will, by God, be the LAST place I live on my tour of Virginia, next stop, any other state. I have been living in Virginia for a healthy 5 years now and while I love that Virginia gave me an education and a career, I highly doubt that my husband is lurking (because of course, he is lurking) in this state, so how about you let me go, VA?

Richmond was not at all my number one choice, the only other 3 cities below Richmond: 1) Little Rock, AR (sweet Jesus, please let me never EVER get moved there) 2) Hell Paso, TX and 3) Norfuck, VA. Regardless, I ended up in Richmond and Richmond has reflected my bad attitude towards it, right back at me. I would be understating that I had a week from hell last week.

In an effort to make Richmond affectionate towards me and vice versa, I decided that my attitude needs to change for the better. Basically, I need to maintain an attitude of gratitude. This is a hard thing when someone doesn't necessarily want to be where they are or would prefer to go the easy route and hate everything having to do with this new place. So I am going to do a little "project" for 31 days. This is in hopes of staying positive in this move and finding reasons to love Richmond.

I base part of this project on an experiment my friend Jen did last December. Check out her experiment and the outcome. I base the other part on tone of my favorite blogs.

My project: For 31 days I will be positive about Richmond and find worthy and worthwhile things to do while I am here.

The Outline:
-9 positive things for the day
-1 reason why living in Richmond is awesome
-1 cool fact about the city or one neat place that I visited (restaurant, store, site)

The End Result: To find my place here in Richmond and to like living here because I chose this path.

and maybe i will throw a picture every once in a while.... (we'll see, but don't get your hopes up)

See you tomorrow!

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