Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 3

So- here I am. Week 3 at my new job and living in Richmond proved to be uneventful, went out and managed to run into MORE people I know and rehash the past two years of my life. My thoughts on this- "Dear College- loved you when I was there, but I'm kind of over it and would prefer you to stay where you belong, in my past. kthanksbye. <3, JB."

The social scene at my work is lacking, but it HAS potential. This is the first time in MONTHS where I haven't had a million things to do and been surrounded by so many people, so I am trying to embrace my alone time and enjoy it, because I know it will not be long before I am busy again. Plus, it gives me a great deal of time to stop and THINK and look at my life, where it has been, where it is going and the person I want to be. Trips to DC help. :)

Lots of scattered thoughts, will try to get my thoughts reorganized and come back. <3

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